About The Beet

There are so many ways to show the impact of the work CCUA does: pounds of food grown,  square feet of new garden space, time spent cooking and gardening with family members, nutrients, calories, revenues, expenditures…the list goes on. Most of these things are quantitative and serve an important role in showing the impact that urban agriculture and home food production have on health, economics, community and the environment. Although, there is something all of these numbers lack…heart. Pie charts don’t have heart and frankly many people find them boring. Even an explanation of how our programs work can get readers/listeners lost. So, we’re taking a different angle with our new blog; stories. We want to share the stories of urban agriculture, of our city’s gardeners, of how the smallest of gardens can make the biggest impact on community, environment, economics and health. New and amazing things happen every day to gardeners and food eaters in Columbia!


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