Hunger Is Not So Far Away!

Article by Outdoor Classroom Manager Lori

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Recently I was visiting with a neighbor, and as we stood in my kitchen, she made the comment that the hum of my refrigerator was comforting. It represented to her the ability to plan, to think ahead for the week. She elaborated by telling me that she had been without electricity for months due to a financial hardship. She revealed so much about her struggles that I would never have known from looking at her.

Ironically, I had always thought my fridge was too small for my family of four, and the seal is old and tired, …..and it does hum quite loudly. I have a new perspective now, and can appreciate the random noises it makes in the quiet of the night. I am thankful for its ability to preserve my fresh food for a few days so I can provide meals for my family. I am humbled by my “wealth.” Hunger is not so far away! So, in this gardening season, please think about how you can help provide support to our neighbors who do without. Plant a little extra and donate to hunger relief groups. Learn more by following this link:


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