The meaning of a CCUA potluck from a first-timer’s perspective

I sheepishly attended CCUA’s potluck last Friday because I hadn’t prepared a dish. I know. I shouldn’t admit that on their blog. But, my excuse is a good one. I had spent the rest of the day volunteering — raking leaves with Liberty Hunter and helping the PR team with strategy and social media.

I was one of the first to arrive. In amazement, I watched at the tables piled high with colorful and beautiful dishes. The chairs filled up at the same pace. On this cold Friday in April, people showed up to share a meal with this organization that exists simply to teach people how to grow their own food.

CCUA carries out their mission without a lot of fanfare and with much humility. In fact, the head of their PR department has a master’s degree in agriforestry; not public relations. Everyone at the organization is there to promote local food, sustainable practices and to help people in our community understand why knowing about these things is important.

I think the potluck was an excellent example of the way CCUA leads by example. They started preparing for the potluck around noon and kept the doors open after nine. The event came together seamlessly because of teamwork and collaboration. Everyone showed up and everyone helped. It’s an honor to volunteer with this organization and also to be welcomed to the potluck; even if I arrived empty handed. I plan to bring some roommates next time and hopefully, even a dish to share.


Potluck buskers, (from left to right), Matt Jernigan and Rhett Hartman, teach Liberty Hunter how to play bones.



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